Burning skies

Another ripped off page
Out of the book of our lives
What does it mean once again?
Will it tear us apart
Like lost souls in the sea?
Will we cry out like ghosts?
What’s now left for you and me?
Will you stay to save me
Or will you run to save yourself?
Will you die to kiss me?
Will you even cry when I perish
And my colours fade away?
Will you spend one single thought on me,
To remind yourself not to run?
To remind yourself I’m still here?
Will you keep, instead, thoughtlessly
Just for your soul not to burn?
And once again, what does it mean?
What’s the meaning of the tear in your eye?
I wonder why do you cry.
I sense you’re about to leave.
Will you leave me to burn in this sky?
If you have to go, then run
Please, don’t even look back.
When I close my eyes it won’t hurt.
So run, just run to save yourself
From the burning hell skies.

03 de Março de 2009

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