Let me in

You can’t keep crying inside
And shivering on the outside.
I understand what you’re feeling
So please, let me in.

When you hold your heart
Strong between your arms,
They’re like cement walls
Keeping me outside.

But your eyes are like windows,
Because you can’t hide
What you feel inside
Behind your wall of lies.

You can’t keep hiding
Closed within your thoughts.
I understand your feelings.
You have got to let me in

When you say you don’t care about love
I know that’s not what you mean.
And even if your heart is a fortress,
I know you will have to let me in.

How do you expect to be healed
From the wounds of the past,
If you drown yourself in sorrow
And don’t let anyone in?

Let me in.
Don’t close you heart.
I’m holding the key
All you got to do is let me in.

7 de Março de 2009

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