Trouble in our hearts

In this green field of yellow daisies
We’ll both run, play and be free
But then we’ll be no more careless,
Night will come for you and me.

Under one dark blue sky with golden stars,
We’ll both cry, and we won’t sleep.
We will try to find new hope
And a dream we will both keep.

We’ll dream to find a meaning,
We’ll try to figure our lives,
We’ll live to find what we’d die for,
And we’ll hope to find our insides.

But not this afternoon, my love.
Because the sun now shines upon the sky,
The clouds are too far, they’re like lies
And our problems will just later come.

But not right now, my dear beloved.
Because as you’ll kiss me I’ll be sure
There’s nothing wrong in the world
That could cause trouble in our hearts.

26 de Setembro de 2008

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