My skin

I’ve been feeling you a little farther
Just one step and you’ll be gone.
And I wonder how we came this far
With no tears to rely on.

It hurts in my heart when I dream,
It hurts in my eyes when I see
The shinning lights in your eyes
Reflecting the light within me.

Take my hurting hand
And see from where I stand:
I'm trying to take control,
But it's oh so hard to let go.
And I don't think you'd be laughing
If you were wearing my skin.

You can never be too clever
You can never be too wise.
And if you seek for perfection
You’ll get lost in your disguise.

And once I feel you are going
I look for a way to make you stay.
Don’t you realize that I need you,
That you’re way too far away?

Tell me how can you be leaving
If you haven’t arrived yet.
We have been growing apart
Since the day we’ve met.
And I don't think you'd be laughing
If you saw my eyes are wet.

18 de Outubro de 2009

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