o buraco onde eu não quero cair:

Andam todos a olhar só para si e ninguém se chega a ver.
Andam todos a falar alto e ninguém ouve o que diz.
Andam todos a fazer o que querem e ninguém sabe o que quer.
Todos juntos, cegos e surdos,
Agindo instintivamente, como os animais,
Sempre em proveito do prazer do presente,
Esquecem-se, por vezes, que há vida fora de si.
E anda o mundo inteiro mergulhado num erro.

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Luís Pais disse...

Não vais.

Luís Pais disse...

CLOUD CULT (pode ter algumas respostas)
"and everybody here is cloud
and everybody here will evaporate
you've been spending your time
thinking about why you think so much
if there was ever a time
now would be the time to see
your time here is limited"

START NEW (não há novos começos)
"I bought a new shirt
And I got new socks
But my skin's still made of memories
And it's still a life"

STEP FORWARD (como o próprio titulo diz)
"When your life is finished burning down,
you'll be all that's left standing there,
you'll become a baby cumulus,
and fly up to the firmament
And no one gets to know the purpose,
we need to learn to live without knowing,
but all we are saying,
is step forward, step forward
We can only see a small part of everything and nothing,
when you finally know you can't know,
step forward, step forward,
And if you don't believe in miracles,
it comes with every single heartbeat,
another opportunity,
step forward, step forward"

THE GHOST INSIDE OUR HOUSE (tu saberás o que fazer sob uma nova perspectiva)

"please send us a miracle
so i know that there is meaning
except i think that it's a miracle
just to be breathing
so live on
baby live on"